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Achieving Operational Excellence through Collaboration in a Digital World

Posted by WEST Board Member on Nov 10, 2017 4:52:13 PM
In today's business world, it's rare that a team is physically located in the same space. Remote work is becoming increasingly popular and easier with advancements in technology. Business are also more global than ever before as it's easier to expand abroad. As it becomes easier for businesses to physically expand, it also becomes more difficult to collaborate and communicate. Between different time zones, cultural communication styles and varying priorities it's hard to stay aligned as a business. This creates challenges as we try and execute on a strategy. It's important that we double down on visibility into collaborative work and leverage tools that help us stay aligned. 

In WEST's upcoming workshop on Operational Excellence on 11/14, you'll learn how digital business collaboration can support individual, team and organized excellence. In this workshop, you'll explore the pros and cons of seven digital IT tools that can help your team collaboration and communicate better to achieve operational excellence. 


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