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20 Years, 20 Stories - Week 3

Posted by Jaime Luna on Sep 25, 2020 2:56:59 PM

Celebrating WEST's 20th Anniversary with 20 stories of impact. This week's stories are from Chesley Chen, Maria Lalioti, Joseph Lehar, Anna Li, Enith Morillo, Makeda M, Liz O'Day, and Elizabeth Wu.

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What every new STEM manager needs to know now

Posted by Diana Anderson on Aug 6, 2019 11:45:19 AM

Promoted to manager? Congrats!

Wait, wait. Wait. What exactly is my job now?

The shift from individual contributor to manager can be difficult. As Karen Dillon explains, “The irony for most newly appointed managers is that the skills and qualities that earned them the promotion are very different from those that will serve them well as a leader.” 

This paradox is especially sharply felt in STEM. Fortunately, while acute, this reaction is also incredibly common. To learn more, WEST spoke to Richard Laskey about his experience transitioning from a senior software engineer to software engineering manager. 

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Put an End to Constant Juggling and Devise Strategies for Managing the Multiple Demands on Your Time

Posted by WEST Board Member on Dec 7, 2017 8:02:00 AM

"Christmas Carrels?" - From where I sit, managing my work and managing my people is an immersive experience.  Literally.  I always choose to place my desk in the middle of our workspace, the better to both be accessible and to communicate to my staff and my colleagues that we are all in this together.  In my view, leadership by example works best when those I lead can see my example every day as they walk past my desk. It is also a reality check, and humbling, to see the dedication of all those around me. It is all to easy to underestimate the amount of time and effort required to deliver on a project. Hard work is its own reward and by being in the center of all the action ensures I work (and can be seen to work) as long and hard as any of my direct reports. Whilst I do enjoy the "open office" design concept and believe it is important to be available for all the little questions, not just the big ones, there is a “cost”. A significant cost. And that is the cost of being constantly pulled in many different directions, and having to flex quickly between my many different roles as subject matter expert, communicator, decision maker, firefighter, manager, peer, and subordinate. It is very easy to feel out of control, and it is all too easy to succumb to being over overwhelmed, especially when taking on a new role, such as a manager or project leader. Don’t panic – there are simple ways to regain control and increase your effectiveness (and your enjoyment!).

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