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Senior Leader Interview - Jackie Schumacher

Posted by Shreosi Ghosh on Apr 5, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Senior Leader Interview: Jackie Schumacher

Introduction: Jackie Schumacher has been a part of WEST for the last two years. During that time, she has worn several hats. Serving on the Board of Directors, Jackie has contributed greatly to WEST and is currently Chair of the Advisory Board committee. She is also Regulatory and Quality Lead at RallyBio. She was gracious enough to sit down and share her journey with me and the rest of the WEST community.

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PICTURE A SCIENTIST Film Screening and Discussion

Posted by Jaime Luna on Mar 26, 2021 3:28:40 PM

PICTURE A SCIENTIST is a feature-length documentary film chronicling the groundswell of researchers who are writing a new chapter for women scientists. A biologist, a chemist and a geologist lead viewers on a journey deep into their own experiences in the sciences, overcoming brutal harassment, institutional discrimination, and years of subtle slights to revolutionize the culture of science. From cramped laboratories to spectacular field stations, we also encounter scientific luminaries who provide new perspectives on how to make science itself more diverse, equitable, and open to all.

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How to Present Technical Information so People Will Understand, Care, and Remember

Posted by WEST Board Member on Apr 9, 2018 2:38:19 PM

Have you ever sat through a really boring technical presentation? Did you have trouble following the speaker because he or she didn’t explain the “so what” and “why”? Did you have to squint to read a barrage of boring bullet points that the speaker read to you word for word? Did you almost fall asleep or wish you could walk out without being rude?

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