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Building Financial Resiliency: Lessons from Disruption

Posted by Jennifer Assily on Jun 4, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Join WEST on June 17, 2021 to hear from Melissa Nuñez, a Certified Financial Planner TM and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, as she shares strategies for building financial resiliency and maintaining level financial footing, especially in the face of the unexpected. Melissa will help us reflect on the challenges and changes we have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and help us plan to meet future financial goals, from paying off debt to buying a home to saving for retirement. Tickets for this event are free thanks to our sponsor, CliftonLarsonAllen.

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All about impact, sustainable investing

Posted by Jennifer Assily on Apr 28, 2021 1:12:59 PM

What’s in your portfolio? Join us on Thursday, 4/29 at 5:30 p.m. EST to hear experienced financial advisors explore strategies for aligning your investment portfolio with your personal values through impact investing.

In this interactive discussion, we will hear from Judith Reed, a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley who specializes in helping women in the Life Sciences industry create financial plans for themselves and their families, and William Gambardella, Executive Director of the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Global Investment Office (GIO)

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You plan your weekend; why not your retirement?

Posted by Diana K. Anderson on Mar 3, 2020 2:18:10 PM

You’d never leave your smartphone on the factory settings, so why set-and-forget your retirement?

For many of us, the effort we put into planning our next vacation far exceeds the attention we give to retirement planning. You waded through so many forms when you started that new job. Retirement stuff got the ‘set-and-forget’ treatment.

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Tips for Maximizing the Value of Your Compensation and Benefits Package

Posted by Jaime Luna on May 15, 2017 10:30:58 AM

In today’s competitive market for talent, many employers are offering attractive compensation and benefits packages. In addition to salary, bonus, and equity compensation, “softer” benefits like expanded maternity leave, flexible schedules, and wellness programs are becoming more common.

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Negotiating Your Compensation Package: Financial Strategies for Professional Transitions

Posted by Jaime Luna on Mar 21, 2017 8:50:00 AM

Are you planning a career change? Thinking of jumping to a competitor? Has a recruiter contacted you about a new job opportunity? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will need to have a strategy in place to negotiate the best possible compensation package for yourself.

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Tips for Incorporating Equity Compensation into Your Overall Financial Plan

Posted by Jaime Luna on Jan 10, 2017 10:40:00 AM

Today, more women are advancing to senior positions within the life sciences industry. Along with added responsibilities, senior executives usually receive stock options or other forms of equity compensation as part of their compensation packages. In this lunch program, financial advisor Beata Dragovics provides an overview of the various forms of equity compensation, along with current compensation trends within the life sciences industry. Attendees will learn how to optimize their equity compensation packages, with a particular focus on managing concentrated wealth. Other topics include the tax ramifications of exercising stock options, along with tactics for treating equity compensation as a vital piece of your overall financial plan.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When it Comes to Financial Planning

Posted by WEST Board Member on Oct 17, 2016 12:53:45 PM
Did you know that 57% of women have more earning power than before, that women are making major investment decisions, and 60% of women are the "breadwinners" of their families? Therefore, it is crucial to be informed and proactive about financial planning.  Beata Dragovics from Freedom Trail Financial takes a quite different and effective approach to financial planning, starting with the individual's values to set financial goals and plans. Beata graciously shared her take on 5 mistakes most people make when it comes to financial planning below. If you're interested in learning how to avoid these mis-steps, evaluate your own values and how they can map to your own financial goals and plans please join WEST for an interactive session with Beata on October 26th at 6pm. Participants will leave with a clear sense of how to plan for their values and how to set financial goals as it relates to compensation, equity, and savings. 
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