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Meet Our API Trailblazers

Diving into Coaching & Mentoring

Changing the Narrative Around Introverts in the Workplace

If You Eat, You Should Know…

Develop Your Personal Brand to Manage a Career Built For You

Mapping Your Career With Confidence

When Worlds Collide: Celebrating International Women’s Day Through Science & Music

Stop Wondering & Start Living Into Your Wonder

WEST Leadership's Winter Traditions

Creating Food to Thrive: A Senior Leader Interview w/ Kellye Eversole

Hispanic Women Leading the Way in STEM Industries

Stress Doesn’t Have To Be Your Truth

WEST's 2023-2024 Leadership Team

Building More Than Just a Professional Network at WoW Events

Managing Up Doesn’t Have Be Scary

You Have Set a Goal, Now What?

Setting Clear, Actionable Goals is The Most Important Part

Giving & Receiving Feedback Can Be Awkward, But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Empowering Women & Amplifying Their Voices to Advance Women's STEM Careers

Could Delegating Be Your Key To Success?

STEM Women in the LGBTQ+ Community Working Towards a Stronger World

Start Your Summer With a Great Read!

Being on a Board May Be the Career Tip You Didn't Know You Needed

AAPI Women in STEM You Should Know About

Learning to Turn Being Laid Off Into an Opportunity

Preposterous Stigmas Resulting in Mental Health Epidemic for Women in STEM

Women's Past Progress Continues To Encourage Future Progress

Look Inward, Look Outward, Take the Leap: A Senior Leadership Interview with Diane Ma

Starting Your Career Growth On The Right Track

A Conversation on Supporting Women in STEM, and How Returning to the Office is Impacting Marginalized Identities

Celebrating African American History Month

Career Possibilities & Speed Networking Series Gives Attendees More Than Hope in Their Career Change Plans

Getting to the Heart of WEST Leadership: A Conversation with Clive Patience

Confidence Is An Outcome Of Courage

The Myth of Work-Life Balance & How to Make Time for What Matters Most

The Journey Starts Now

Senior Leader Interview: Kristine McKinney

2022 WEST Holiday Gift Guide

Mind Over Matter

Your Own Uncomfortable Truth

How to Grow a Legal Career Path in the STEM Industry

2022-2023 Annual Theme Announcement

Don’t Miss the Power of Inclusive Conversations

Learning to Beat Your Own Burnout

The Keys to Speaking Up to Be Heard

How Women Rise and Thrive in the Workplace; Insights About Support Networks

Our First Networking Event... OUTSIDE

How a Great Manager Can Support Your Career Aspirations

Senior Leader Interview - Elena Spencer

Senior Leader Interview - Anne Thessen

Healing and Hope: Where do we go from here?

Experience the Art and Science of Broadway Series

Career Possibilities: Clinical, Regulatory, Patient Outcomes, Analytical Development

The Art and Science of Broadway

Striving for Third Place: Growth through incremental change

Be a Better Ally

Career Possibilities: Research & Discovery

Career pivots: a normal part of work-life Jenga

Are you the science type? A conversation with women in science

Get on Board: Inside the Board of Directors

The Great Resignation of Women in STEM

How to Be Inclusive when Differences are Less Visible

Free Financial Planning Webinar: Preparing for the Unexpected

Introducing WEST's 2021-2022 Executive Board Team

WEST's Dynamic Pod Mentoring Program

How to Make Time for YOUR Goals - even when You're Drowning in To-Do's

WEST's 2021-2022 Annual Theme: Reflect, Reimagine, and Emerge Stronger

Conquering Imposter Syndrome to Advance Your Career

Building Financial Resiliency: Lessons from Disruption

The Anxious Go-Getter: Keep the Achievement, Lose the Anxiety

Inclusive Workplaces: Why name pronunciation matters

Building Your Personal Advisory Board

All about impact, sustainable investing

Senior Leader Interview - Jackie Schumacher

PICTURE A SCIENTIST Film Screening and Discussion

Get to know the WESTorg team through their podcast recommendations

Relaunching Your Career

Join WEST on 3/10 to learn about communicating in times of uncertainty

Thriving through Career Transitions

Organizational Change to Achieve Equity

In the beginning was the Relationship

Senior Leader Interview - Jo Viney

Career Possibilities: Navigating a Nonlinear Career Path

Senior Leader Interview - Dr. Irene Ghobrial

Senior Leader Interview - Anna Barnacka

Creating Your Vision Statement to Achieve Your Goals

The time to master your virtual communication skills is Now

Leading with Empathy

20 Years, 20 Stories Total

20 Inspirational Leaders - Week 3

20 Inspirational Leaders - Week 2

20 Inspirational Leaders - Week 1

Building Trust in Your Team

How to Build a Better Decision-Making System, and Where to Find the Tools

Gender Parity

20 Years, 20 Stories - Week 3

20 Years, 20 Stories - Week 2

20 Years, 20 Stories - Week 1

WEST's 20th Anniversary / 12th Annual Awards

Walking the Tightrope

Networking and Building Meaningful Relationships

Building Community, Resilience, and Impact

Senior Leader Interview - Anne Cheung

Senior Leader Interview - Katherine Andersen

Senior Leader Interview - Mariana Nacht

Bypass Your Inner Critic in Public Speaking

How to Own Your Path Forward by Losing Control

WEST's May and June Events

7 Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of Personality Tests

COVID-19 Fundraiser and Resources

Why Your Day is the Secret to a Good Night's Sleep

WEST's Spring Webinars

Digital social: Developing community & self while social distancing

5 Quick Tips on How to Work from Home like a Pro RemoWo

Shatter the Glass Funnel: Escalating Executive Gender Parity in STEM

You plan your weekend; why not your retirement?

How to Transform Conflict into a Catalyst for Growth

Effective feedback isn't a fix: It's food, not medicine

2020 WEST Making a Difference Award Nominations

How to Use Simple Strategies for Professional Self-Promotion

Holiday Cocktail Party and Annual Survey

The STEM-Business Fusion: How to Turbo-Boost Your Career

How to Negotiate: 3 Mindsets that Win Every Time

How to Stop Your Certainty from Blinding You

STEM careers aren't linear, they're multi-faceted

How to make your big idea happen: Make it irresistible

How to interrupt the implicit bias feedback loop

Imposter syndrome: 3 oxymorons that will destroy it now

Career Possibilities Series

Be Fearless. Be Brave.

How to be brave and be the boss of your career

Senior Leader Interview with Shelia Violette

What every new STEM manager needs to know now

EQ: How to use neuroscience for a successful career & excellent life

5 lies about networking & how to smash past them

Life sciences venture capital is front-running the diversity curve.

Lessons Learned from April-June 2019 WEST Events

5 simple ways to help shape your company's culture now

Don’t just manage change–Own it!

Get to know WESTorg's Board of Directors through their summer reads

Own it! How to speak your voice

Compensation is more than cash

Managing Up: Balance being a solid contributor and team player with self-advocacy and personal advancement

2019 panel on gender diversity in the workplace

Post-Event Blog: Negotiating Pay Equity

"Own It" Senior Panel Discussion

Negotiating pay equity: Tactics and strategies for both sides

Your network is as crucial to your career as your resume

2019-Q1 Post Event Tips: Advocating for Yourself at Work

Diversity on the Board of the Directors

2019 #WESTawards: Own It #WESTorg

Negotiating-while-Womaning: How to Own It and Smash Social Stigmas

Senior leader interview with Meena Subramanyam

Senior leader interview with Ros Deegan: Being a generalist in STEM enterprise

Make the most of holiday networking events

When wins don’t thrill as expected

Teams and Trust

Wondering if an MBA fits in your STEM career path?

Unconscious Bias – ‘fess up, recognize it, and act

Hear About Career Paths & Working in Industry

Free Networking Night with Bristol-Myers Squibb

How to Advocate for Yourself

Tips for Difficult Conversations

Improving the Quality and Impact of Our Conversations

WEST is hiring a part-time Program Manager

No Title? No Problem! Learn to Influence Without Authority

Senior Leader Interview with Career Insights from Sandra Glucksmann

Uncertain to Unstoppable: How to Conquer Your Next Networking Event

Develop Presence to Better Connect, Inspire, and Influence Others at All Levels

It Takes a Village to Build a Career

Get Leadership Strategies to Advance Your Career

Lessons Learned from April-July 2018 WEST Events

LinkedIn & Networking: Your Reputation Precedes You

Benefits of Coaching Circles

Join us to honor and learn from Boston’s inspirational women leaders in STEM

Career Summer Series

Women in STEM exploring new careers: leveraging your science and tech background to pivot into new roles

Career Management for Today’s Work Environment

Tips for Providing Impactful Feedback Up, Down and Across

What you need to know to obtain and strategically use IP in a startup business

Lessons Learned from April-June 2018 WEST Events

5/8 Tech Rockstar Breakfast with Local Senior Leaders

4/23 Free Panel Discussion on How a Start-up can Embrace Open Innovation with a Large Corporation

How to Present Technical Information so People Will Understand, Care, and Remember

Women's Career Advancement Book Club

Innovation and Entrepreneurship – two words synonymous with the Boston biotech scene.

Are you looking for an opportunity to network with senior women leaders?

Balancing the Balance

3/22 Free Panel Discussion on Intersection of Computing and Biotech

Coaching Circles - Connect and grow through meaningful conversations

Zoom Leadership – a tool to help with decision making

Know Your Worth – the key to negotiating your compensation package

The Board Room – unveiling the mystery of what it takes to get there

Real-life Super Heroes

Courage – the key to leading yourself with confidence

Distance does not make the heart grow fonder: managing and motivating remote teams

Vote for WEST's 10th Annual Giving Back Awardees

Put an End to Constant Juggling and Devise Strategies for Managing the Multiple Demands on Your Time

Take Charge of Your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get from Your Boss

Last Week to Nominate Someone for a WEST Giving Back Award

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