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Posted by Jaime Luna on Sep 23, 2019 8:18:00 AM
In the world of business, careers are no longer linear or predictable. What was once a clearly sign-posted path as you progressed through milestones, a career road map is now circuitous presenting new challenges and opportunities at every bend. Life-long careers in one sector or one company are becoming a rarity as new technologies and shifting social norms disrupt traditional careers. Both employers and employees are seeking more diversity of experience, lifestyle flexibility and alternative paths.

These panels are designed to help you think about your career path and the different options that are open to you. Each panel will have an informational interview type feel with panelists sharing their career paths, a look at what their job entails, transferrable skills for those looking to make a change, tips for uncovering opportunities, advice for others, and how to make brave leaps. Then you will get some small group time with the panelists during a few speed networking rounds. 


10/8: Career Possibilities: Research & Development - Biotech, Pharma, Medical

Panelists include
Eleanor Howe, 
Founder and CEO at Diamond Age Data Science
Alicja Januszewicz, Head of People & Culture at Allena Pharmaceuticals
Lauren Laidlaw, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Safety Partners, Inc.
Jacqueline Schumacher, Vice President, Regulatory/Quality Assurance at Lyndra
Gloria Vigliani, Principal at Vigliani Consulting, LLC

Jo Viney, 
Co-Founder, President and CSO at Pandion Therapeutics


11/7: Career Possibilities: Research & Development/Application - AI, Digital Health, Devices

Panelists Include
Anna Barnacka, Ph.D., CEO/Founder of MindMics
Annabella Jucius, Founder and President, Massachusetts Medical Consulting
Krista McGee, Head of Insights and Analytics, Takeda Data Sciences Institute
Virginia Parks, Director, Data Sciences Institute, Takeda
Birgit Schoeberl, Global Head Modeling and Simulation, PK Sciences at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR)
Alex Wiltschko, Senior Research Scientist at Google

Mary Ann O'Loughlin, Principal, Cambridge Consulting and Coaching


12/5: Career Possibilities: Business Development, Alliance

Panelists include
Aimee Cardwell, Vice President of Consumer Product Development, American Express
Chesley M. Chen, entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, and Board Member
Tatiana Demidova-Rice, Manager, Research Contracts and Collaborations, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Cecilia Fernandez, Senior Director, Platform Strategy and Operations at Editas Medicine
Jessica Goodman, Senior Director, Alliance Management, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals
Anne-Laure Grillot, Senior Director, External Innovation, Business Development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Bahar Hila, Director of Research, Radius Health, Inc.
Deborah Palestrant, Partner, Head of 4:59 at 5AM Ventures

Yelena Wetherill, Associate Director, Alliance Management, Business Development & Licensing at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.


January Career Possibilities: Finance/Venture Capital/Investing

Details coming soon


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