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Stop Wondering & Start Living Into Your Wonder

Posted by Courtney Cyron on Jan 10, 2024 2:51:43 PM

When we stop to set goals, especially around the new year, we typically start with a vision of 2024-01-17 Wake Up & Wondershift 2x1 who we want to become, what we want to do, or how we want to improve. Then we’re often left wondering how to achieve those goals. If you’re ready to move your goals out of the wondering stage and into the action stage, you won’t want to miss Judy Goldberg’s upcoming workshop: “Wake Up & Wondershift: A Journey to Personal Transformation.”

Judy founded her company Wondershift in 2014 to work with individuals, business leaders and teams who are ready to take action to amplify personal and professional success, increase productivity, and elevate leadership capacity. She has realized that individuals require a supportive community, self-assurance, and personal commitment to initiate their endeavors. And that they also need structured frameworks and accountability mechanisms to sustain their momentum. Being involved in this work sparks her interest, fulfills her core values, and fills Judy with joy.

According to Judy, "When we are clear on our core values, we can align our actions, decisions, and goals with a defined purpose, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life where our pursuits resonate with our deepest beliefs." Discussions at the event will involve reflecting on values, defining success metrics, and sharing strategies to maintain alignment with personal values in challenging situations.

A combination of personal life transformations and distilling what she has learned from her clients led to the launch of “Wake Up and Wondershift: Five Themes and 50 Exercises Designed to Activate Wonder and Create Lasting Shifts.” Her workshop will introduce attendees to the elements of her book and share practical exercises and valuable insights from each section.

The hope is to inspire a shift and as Judy shares, “that shift may differ for each attendee based on each person’s situation and openness to dig deep. Some might experience a shift in their mindset, moving from a fixed mindset to a more growth or abundant mindset, while others may gain clarity in their personal or professional goals, enabling them to align their actions with their aspirations.” The session might also encourage a shift in creativity or thinking about problems or opportunities in new ways. As leaders there is also a chance that some may reflect on their leadership style, what is working for them and where some shifts would be beneficial.

Living a life on-purpose with a mindset of growth and abundance, finding inner and external harmony, and making the time to focus and build your team of champions is an ongoing process. The Wake Up and Wondershift workshop is designed to offer practical tools, strategies, and techniques that attendees can immediately apply to move toward the shifts they desire in their lives. The learning may start in the workshop, but there is no end. Put simply, Judy emphasizes, "Embracing transformation often requires accountability. I envision this workshop as an opportunity for attendees to forge new connections, enabling mutual support and ongoing check-ins throughout each other's journeys."

Join WEST and Judy Goldberg for Wake Up & Wondershift: A Journey to Personal Transformation on January 17th, 2024, from 6:00-7:30PM ET. Register to join us here.

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