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Develop Your Personal Brand to Manage a Career Built For You

Posted by Courtney Cyron on Apr 4, 2024 10:32:34 AM

Often we think of our career path as something that happens to us. We think in terms of doing 2024-04-10 2x1what we can to prepare ourselves, but tend to think there’s only so much we can control. By thinking with such a scarcity mindset, we’re setting ourselves up for a career that we endure as long as we have to and then retire as soon as possible. The good news is: we don’t have to live like that. We can learn to create a personal brand and use that brand to market ourselves in a way that allows us to take charge of our careers and create a career path built for us. 

“An important ingredient to managing a successful career is creating our vision and determining our direction followed by establishing goals that will allow us to achieve that vision,” shares Rita B. Allen, President of Rita B. Allen Associates, in her blog post “Set Goals and Position Yourself for Success”. “Accountability is critical as well - writing down our goals will keep us focused and more likely to accomplish our goals. Set goals on a regular basis and revisit, review, and adjust as needed.” 

This is the foundation of the process Rita lays out in her Book, Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself, and in her upcoming WEST workshop Accelerate Your Career Through Personal Branding & Marketing Yourself. Rita will be breaking down the importance of personal branding and advocating for yourself in managing and owning your career. By embracing a new mindset, you can design a career that doesn’t just happen to you, but is built for you and by you. Rita offers a framework she refers to as the 3 Ps Marketing Technique which includes: Preparation, identifying and defining your brand; Packaging, creating and building your brand; and Presentation, articulating and enhancing your brand.

In her upcoming WEST workshop, Rita will take a deeper look into identifying what it is you want out of your career, what needs your career goals will help meet, and the importance of prioritizing what’s most important to you. “When we are able to have this kind of clarity, we will see rewards and enjoy a fulfilling career that allows us to maximize our potential, development, and success. Know what you have to offer, what you want, and how to ask for it!” Rita says in her January 2018 Huffington Post column, “Are YOU Managing Your Career on Your OWN Terms?”

“Every day we are faced with changes — changes in our economy, markets, industries, organizations, technologies, as well as leadership/people changes in our companies,” Rita says in her April 2015 column, “CHANGE is Just Around the Corner.” “Not only is it required of leaders and managers but as individuals, we all play a critical role in executing effective change.” By spending the time to identify what goals you want to accomplish in your career and what skills you have to offer, these changes don’t have to be world-shattering, they can instead be career opportunities. 

That is what attendees will learn about in Rita’s upcoming workshop for the WEST community. The WEST community is full of women who are achieving amazing things in their careers and in their lives, and Rita’s upcoming workshop is one way she works to give back to the WEST community as well as fulfill her career’s passion. “One of my passions for many years has been to influence the role of women in the workforce and the advancement of women leaders.  Being involved with WEST has given me the opportunity to fulfill that passion of mine in a way that allows me to give back and support women in their careers.  There is nothing more rewarding.”

Join Rita B. Allen and WEST for this potentially career-changing workshop and learn to develop your personal brand and use it to market yourself in a way that allows you to have a career you’ll love! The Accelerate Your Career Through Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself workshop is April 10, 2024, from 6:00-7:00 PM ET on Zoom. Register through the WEST website here. Learn more about Rita and find all her amazing career support resources on her website here


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