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Leading with Empathy

Posted by Rosalina Torcivia on Nov 9, 2020 8:15:00 AM

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Leadership is a big responsibility, and connecting with the people we lead is essential for success. Empathy helps leaders create stronger connections, especially now during the Pandemic. People are going through their own struggles during this Pandemic, and we now have a window into our coworkers’ lives while working remotely. In a time when we are isolated from others, we need to connect with people in every way we can. All of us are going through the same crisis together and this allows us to support and lean on one another.

Integrating Empathy into the Workplace

During this webinar, you will learn more about the importance of empathy and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. Empathy can improve all forms of communication. It is central to being able to influence others and to navigate conflict. Tuning into others is the “secret sauce.” Empathy is a skill, and this webinar will give you the opportunity to learn how to effectively use this skill.


Interview with Carol Salloway                         

What motivates you?

Carol Salloway is motivated by helping people be effective in their lives, and this often involves empathy. As an executive coach, she tries to teach people empathy because it is a powerful and core skill. Carol often works with leaders to help them access empathy and help them bring it into their professional relationships so they can have the influence and impact they desire.

What is the best career advice you have been given?

Carol remembers being told to expand her skills and network. People should focus less on trying to get to the next career level, and more on expanding. You increase your value in relation to your skills and network and they help you shape the career you want.

What are common misconceptions people have about their inner dialogues and how can we combat them?

One area Carol Salloway is most interested in is inner dialogue. We have been taught that we should fight our inner dialogue and tell it to go away. Carol advises that “we should befriend it, and honor what it has to say, but not let it ‘drive the bus.’” The key to combating inner dialogue is to acknowledge it and understand its purpose.

At what point in your career did you become passionate about this subject?

Carol Salloway became passionate about this subject when she saw how underutilized empathy is as a skill, especially when it comes to leadership. There are many common misconceptions about empathy; empathy is often seen as touchy-feely, emotional, and feminine. In reality, empathy is a human skill and it is a core leadership skill. Leadership is about relationships. Over her decades of experience coaching leaders, Carol has seen that the leaders who have developed their listening and empathetic skills are the most effective because they build strong connections and relationships. Once she discovered how critical the skill is, Carol became committed to helping people understand how to bring empathy into their repertoire.

What Common Challenges Do People Face When It Comes to Being Empathetic?

Some people believe empathy is “a time suck, it’s too personal, it’s awkward.” The situation COVID has put us into has provided an “entrée to empathy” like never before. We are now given the opportunity to use empathy to create stronger connections over online meetings. When you see someone’s life over zoom, you might be more inclined to ask more personal questions. “In COVID, you better be asking people how they are because it matters.”


We are looking forward to seeing you on 11/17 for Empathy Works! Join us for EmPower Hour: Micro-Aggressions 101 on 11/10, How to Captivate Your Virtual Audience on 12/1, Self and Collective Care for People of Color in a Majority White Workplace on 12/3, and Courageous Conversations on 12/9.

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