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How a Great Manager Can Support Your Career Aspirations

Posted by Ellie Prusko on Apr 24, 2022 12:40:29 PM

We hear all the time-- whether it's through frantic google searches or paid career coach sessions-- the bulleted list of what makes a stellar employee. Organized, fast learner, conversational french... Our motivation to stand out as exemplary working individuals while still enforcing malleability has offered us little time to think about the other side: how can a boss help me grow and reach my goals?

This question may initially sound a little daunting, considering this is something that's rarely asked. After all, we're applying. Beggars can't be choosers. But the fact is, if we're to empower ourselves as hardworking individuals within our respective fields and climb the ropes in order to reach our aspirations, part of that process asks for a little inquiring of the management level. If we're going to assert ourselves, we shouldn't be afraid to investigate if our higher-ups are going to make us feel wanted and motivated.

According to our Twitter poll, 100% of voters said they look for a manager with empathetic tendencies when interviewing, above communication and flexibility. On our Linkedin poll, 61% of voters chose empathy as an ideal manager trait over flexibility and organization. While it's great to have a manager not be a stickler about sick days or have an impeccable filing cabinet, the greatest value in someone you work for appears to be someone who not only shows they want to hire you but that they care about you as a person and your experience at the workplace.

On April 26th, we'll be continuing this discussion on our Career Growth Spotlight panel with talented (and incredibly empathetic) panelists Heike Keilhack, Mariana Nacht, Kristine McKinney, and Laurie Bohn. Be sure to tune in online at 6:15pm EST to join the conversation on how it takes a team to help one another grow. 

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