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STEM careers aren't linear, they're multi-faceted

Posted by Diana K. Anderson on Oct 29, 2019 1:20:46 PM
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Today’s STEM careers are anything but linear and predictable 

Investment firms recruit doctors and statisticians to manage health care and quantitative funds. Dr. Mayim Bialik, neuroscientist, has a leading role on The Big Bang Theory. And these days, especially in STEM fields, it seems like everyone has a side hustle that could be just about to go big time. Or, they’re sitting board members for their favorite non-profit. 


NASA wants your help with the Artemis project

Perhaps your materials chemistry experience could help NASA develop and market commercial products from all that crazy advanced tech coming out of the Artemis project? Check out NASA's LinkedIn to see all their open roles.

Speaking of NASA, check out this infographic displaying the career of Dr. Mae Jemison. We used a linear timeline, but simplified color-coding was the closest we could get to accurately reflecting the truth about Dr. Jemison’s career: multi-faceted is an understatement.

191107-WEST-infographic-Dr. Mae Jemison

Your STEM career has a lot of options

NASA or neuroscience may not be your thing, but these days, working in STEM means you’ve got a lot of options. Click here to learn more about realities and possibilities that are right in front of you at WEST’s upcoming panel discussion about career possibilities in R&D and application.


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