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How to Advocate for Yourself

Posted by WEST Board Member on Sep 28, 2018 6:05:43 PM

Dang. Why on earth did I hesitate instead of letting the interviewer know what I wanted? And I’m not just talking about my new salary, I’m actually talking about the role, the title, and the sphere of influence that I want to have in that new job. Dang, dang, dang. I could kick myself for missing that opportunity. Now I’ll just have to settle for something less. Or will I?

Negotiating is hard for everyone, but it somehow seems especially hard for women. Why are we hesitant to ask for what we want? Why do we hope that everyone will miraculously understand the value we bring and figure exactly what we are looking for, and spontaneously shower us with opportunities that we had never even imagined?  This isn’t the land of fairy tales.

And it is not just in the workplace that negotiating makes a big difference. Asking for what we want in our personal life can be hugely impactful for our health and well-being. Why didn’t I ask people coming to my party to do more to help? Why am I the one with more carpool runs than anyone else? Why don’t I ask my partner for more help with the household chores? It is not just the extra work that is hurting me, it is the nagging feeling that others might be taking advantage of my good nature that hurts me too.

Well, it is time to make a change right now! Instead of hoping someone notices and offers you more, embrace your situation and make a plan to advocate for yourself and constructively negotiate for what you want.

WEST (www.westorg.org) is hosting a workshop by Amy Rebecca Gay on October 3rd where participants will learn how to articulate their desires and advocate effectively for what they want in a way that is informative and non-threatening to others. You should be able to walk out of this workshop feeling ready to negotiate with confidence. So… what WILL you ask for?

We look forward to seeing you!


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