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Changing the Narrative Around Introverts in the Workplace

Posted by Courtney Cyron on May 6, 2024 11:43:15 AM

In a society that often favors extroverted tendencies, being on the introverted end of the 2024-05-15 2x1  spectrum can bring challenges in loud workplaces. Extroverted or introverted, we all have inspiration, passion, and great ideas within us. We work to create inclusive workplaces that support the success of each person on our team. With a few skills, being open-minded and truly aware of ourselves and those around us, we can create a team that allows each member to contribute their strengths and find success.

There are some misconceptions about introversion at work: that people who are more introverted can’t lead as effectively, are shy, and don’t like to work with others (are not team players). Despite these perspectives, introverted employees can absolutely excel in so many spaces using their strengths. The reality inside an introvert’s mind is thoughtful and methodical, tending to think deeply and critically about the work at hand. Like extraverts, introverts want their team to succeed, and may see the path to success differently. Their ability to truly immerse themselves in the information at hand, process their thoughts from many angles, and present suggestions and solutions that are well thought out is an incredible strength to any company. 

Regardless of our personality preferences, we are in control of our career and can challenge ourselves to build skills, use our strengths, challenge ourselves and make an impact. We can embrace guidance and support to determine the ways in which we can thrive in the workplace. WEST & Laurie Bohn will be hosting the “Introverted & Influential: Strategies for Visibility & Presence” workshop on May 15, 2024. Laurie will be leading attendees through a coaching approach, guiding personal self-reflection, and exploring potential situations you might encounter at work. 

If you’ve ever felt like being an introvert has been challenging at work, this event is for you. You’ll learn to harness your introverted strengths, consider strategies to change the misconceptions about introverts, and learn to be visible and successful in your role. Join WEST and Laurie Bohn for this amazing workshop. Register to join us here.

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