Given WEST's mission, the theme for the 2015 - 2016 WEST program year is "Best Practices in Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Women in Science and Technology." With your support, we will bring the local community together to identify and implement best practices that enable the development of women in the fields of science and technology. We will not only offer programs centered around this theme, but will also showcase companies and academic institutions that have implemented effective initiatives, with the goal of creating a comprehensive best practices roadmap that can be used broadly across industry and academia.
WEST would like to encourage you and your company to engage with us in this effort. By participating with WEST and showcasing company efforts in developing women, your company will stand out as prominent leaders and gain visibility as an employer of choice because of the difference you make building strength through diversity.

There are many ways to participate and show your commitment, including:
  • Showcasing your company's best practices by participating in a panel discussion
  • Joining a WEST working group and being part of the critical dialogue.
  • Sponsoring WEST or a WEST senior panel discussion related to the theme
    • 9/28: Best Practices for Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Women Leaders in High Tech
    • 10/29: Best Practices for Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Women Leaders in Biotech
    • 11/19: How to Reach Senior Levels of Scientific Management Panel Discussion
Throughout the year, WEST programming will generate real progress and results by:
  • Engaging senior industry and academic leaders in critical discussions
  • Calling attention to key issues and opportunities
  • Sharing proven best practices in the science and technology industries
  • Creating new solutions and ideas
  • Providing thought leadership in the community through panel discussions, editorials, white papers, leadership forums, and business and academic collaborations focused on best practices