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The Economics of Being Female: Set Your Own Agenda

Posted by WEST Board Member on Oct 18, 2017 3:28:34 PM

We know that many women draw the short straw when it comes to money: lower wages, slower career progression, outrageous child care costs, costly clothes, ridiculous dress codes, health care, etc. We also know that many women find themselves at the end of their working careers with little financial security.

What are the underlying economic reasons for these unfair outcomes for women who are working hard to both support their families and promote their careers?

We want to hear your views and your ideas. How does this impact you and what are you doing to move the needle for yourself and your sisters?

How does this impact your choice of partner?

What does this mean for millennials and especially working in the new gig economy?

Bring yourself and your ideas to the unConference being sponsored by WEST where YOU will help set the discussion agenda. This unConference will feature keynote speakers to get you thinking about the question Katie Donovan, Founder, Equal Pay Negotiations LLC and Dr. Elizabeth O'Day, CEO and Founder, Olaris Therapeutics. You will decide what topics will be discussed by pitching solutions to the crowd for further discussions in breakout groups. You will share ideas, problem solve, hear multiple perspectives, and challenge the status quo with creative solutions.


 Click here to learn more about  the event and get registered 

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