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Small Wins for Big Change

Posted by WEST Board Member on Oct 11, 2017 9:36:00 AM

Motivating your team to achieve top results can be hard when it's not clear as to how you'll get there. Teams need a framework and tools for achieving greatness, but often times teams can be skeptical of those frameworks and tools. Changing behavior for how things are done is hard. In order to create momentum with a new behavioral change, you want to find small wins with your new frameworks and tools so teams buy into them. Once the team sees a "win" with a new framework, it will be easier to get buy in moving forward and roll out for bigger initiatives on your path to success.

In this upcoming WEST workshop on 10/19, you'll learn about the operational excellence philosophy and how you can leverage it to achieve greatness within your teams and for your bottom line. You'll learn about how to create value every step of the way to dive efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability. Specifically in this workshop you'll learn a step by step methodology to carve our a complex situation for the project that will deliver visible results and help your team embrace and operational excellent framework.

Creating and sustaining an operational excellence framework (OpEx) is a sure way to keep your team motivated. OpEx is a way of addressing organizational leadership in a comprehensive manner. It starts by defining who is the team’s customer and then using a variety of sustainable key performance metrics and principles, systems and tools to deliver on these metrics. In her operational excellence (OpEx) workshop, Iris Stammberger highlights the tools that support OpEx, how to choose projects and tools that keep people motivated and engaged - the behavioral components that support or impede success. Iris has years of experience working to support OpEx in a variety of industries and will be sharing concrete examples with the participants in the workshop. The main take aways of this workshop are tools to create an OpEx for your team, and strategies to implement smaller projects that insure the sustainability of the framework.


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