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Zoom Leadership – a tool to help with decision making

Posted by Uma Chandrasekaran on Feb 5, 2018 10:00:00 AM

In this ever-evolving fast-paced world, we are faced with decision-making at every turn of our lives and career - should I consider this opportunity for promotion within the company or do I accept this new job opportunity. Not just that, we are expected to be capable of making the best decisions at the drop of a hat. The key to making better decisions whether at work or in life is to think clearly and thoroughly. However, it is easy to be consumed by overthinking and get stuck in one point of view. Through changing your focus and considering alternative viewpoints you can rethink your strategies and arrive at a better decision.

Please join us for the upcoming WEST workshop on February 15 with Janet Britcher. Janet, author of Zoom Leadership: Change Your Focus, Change Your Insights, will be presenting a decision-making tool that can help when evaluating decisions. Using real-world examples, she will discuss the decision-making model built on 4 basic principles of Think, Act, Feel, and Witness. She will further address training your mind to be able to zoom in and zoom out of each of the 4 principles to get an all-around perspective on the issue at hand.


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